Technion Computer Science High Performance Computing (CS HPC) provides access to state of the art supercomputer hardware  to eligible faculty and students across all of Computer Science Faculty.

What We Do

The CS High Performance Computing team, within IT’s Research Technology division, provides seamless and efficient access to advanced computing resources, outstanding services, and expertise that:

  • Enable CS scholars to work on the most challenging computational research projects that involve HPC, Big Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence

  • Enable and participate in research collaborations

  • Facilitate usage of computing resources, minimize barriers of entry, promote the use of best practices, and develop the computing skills of users by providing training and consultations

  • Facilitate the use of CS resources in courses

Who Can Access Technion CS HPC Resources

CS HPC resources are available to full-time CS faculty and research staff. Access for CS students and external collaborators requires sponsorship from full-time CS faculty.

  • Full-time CS faculty and research staff

  • Faculty-sponsored students, postdocs, adjuncts, and other non-full time faculty and research staff

  • Faculty-sponsored external (non-CS) collaborators

Please Note:

  • To apply or renew an CS HPC user account click here

  • External (non-Technion CS) collaborators may require sponsorship for an CS netid before applying for HPC user account.

Quick Links & Common Requests

Getting and renewing HPC User Access

Accessing the CS HPC Systems

List of centrally available HPC clusters

Lambda HPC Cluster

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